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How Uber and Lyft bent the rules and won quoting : “Mashable”

collected by :Molly Tony

As it stated in to debate over a proposed ride-hailing law — and fingerprints, drunken driving, sexual assault, apps, innovation, local control, Uber and Lyft — the whole thing had a dispiriting familiarity.
Pay no attention to those 40 Uber and Lyft lobbyists over there behind the curtain.
Are these new, supposedly lesser ride-hailing companies doing as good a job of keeping wasted college kids from getting behind the wheel?
Assuming some version of the bills by Schwertner, Paddie, Nichols or Huffines passes into law, Austin could provide the first real test.
But during that first year, the council began to hear from advocates for battered women that they had gotten about 10 complaints of assaults on young women by Uber or Lyft drivers.

Ride-hailing in Austin: Life without Uber and Lyft is a fun sh*tshow

My boyfriend was left stranded at a strip mall after his Ride Austin ride took him to the wrong address.
Welcome to AustinWhen I arrived at SXSW on March 9, the Austin airport greeted me with a sign for Ride Austin.
My Mashable colleagues, who I tasked with sharing their ride-hailing experiences with me, found Ride Austin to be their go-to service of the trip.
So while there apparently seems to be another duopoly at play in Austin, SXSW attendees did have some other options.
I can remember being at the [Democratic National Convention] in July and Uber didn’t work,” he said.

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