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billionaire Tilman Fertitta knows the best tips for money and business

Tilman Fertitta’s best money tip is counter-intuitive and brilliant Galveston native and self-made billionaire Tilman Fertitta knows a few things about business.
I have a tremendous amount of liquidity, and if the market turns, and the credit market turns, I’m sitting there always with a bunch of cash to go be an opportunistic acquirer in an opportunistic time,” he said.
Most people might be inclined to believe that borrowing money, especially when it’s unnecessary, would amount to inefficient debt.
Even now that Fertitta’s net worth is 2.9 billion, according to Forbes, he says he still lives according to this rule.
“Sometimes it’s the cost of doing business is the interest expense on that money.”

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Governor, legislators debate best way to set aside money for lean times

best money tips

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Billionaire’s surprising money tip is his best advice

best money tips

Fertitta points out that it is actually most difficult to borrow money when you are struggling.
Throughout, he has followed one unusual financial lesson, which he calls “some of the best advice” he has ever gotten: “borrow money when you don’t need it.”
Second, by accepting interest rates as the price of doing business you gain one vital tool: liquidity.
First, borrowing when times are good allows you to have cash on hand when times are tough.
Fertitta tells CNBC that this counter-intuitive tip makes good sense for two reasons.

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