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“Hollywood Reporter” declare : Disney CEO Bob Iger Addresses Participation in Trump Task Force

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Disney CEO Bob Iger on Wednesday spoke about his ties to President Donald Trump’s Strategic and Policy Forum.
His comments came in response to calls from two proxy representatives for Iger to stand down from Trump’s business task force.
The Disney CEO, a Democrat, has withstood protests in the past over continuing to be a member of the panel.
He faced one shareholder citing Trump’s Muslim ban to urge Iger to quit.
And as Iger touted ESPN, he said the sport channel’s BamTech-made streaming service will bow by the end of this year.

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He denied any interest in becoming California’s governor or one of its U.S. senators, but wouldn’t rule out a run for the White House.
As Iger flirts with a run for office, he’s not the only wealthy, business mogul considering world domination.
But if you look closely, a sign of Trump’s influence can be found: He’s used three exclamation points in those two tweets.
But a new path to the presidency has now been paved and we should probably get used to seeing stories like the one in Wednesday’s Hollywood Reporter suggesting that Disney CEO Bob Iger may run for the Democratic nomination in 2020.
Since then, Iger has reportedly spoken with Michael Bloomberg, who made the jump from businessman to New York City mayor in 2002, about running for office.

Disney CEO Bob Iger Reportedly Flirting With White House Run*/

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Disney CEO Bob Iger considering 2020 run

Disney CEO Bob Iger considering 2020 run*/

If Republicans successfully repeal Obamacare, outraged Democrats are absolutely not going to help them pass their bag of market reform goodies.
First comes budget reconciliation, which is the legislative method being used to repeal Obamacare without any Democratic votes.
“We’re bringing that bill to the floor the same week we’re doing reconciliation,” Ryan said.
Ryan is now saying that bill will come to the House floor sooner than anyone thought.
Next week it’s expected to be considered by the Budget Committee, and then it’ll likely head to the floor the week after.

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