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Gold Extraction and the role of gold miner in this process

The mine is an engineering facility from which mineral materials are extracted. The mines contain elements and minerals that are very important economically. Gold Miner can use it in many mining methods. The mines are two types: surface mines and underground mines. These mines contain many metals, mainly gold, silver, copper, diamonds, , And we have chosen for you in this article a list of the largest gold mines in the world and the rate of production of gold.

Gold is one of the most important precious metals on earth. Gold has been discovered as a unit for trading and purchasing goods in many places in the world. It has been scattered for many years in many parts of the world. Of the world), and its properties and durability for thousands of years, made it the ideal metal for barter, buying and selling, this is about the uses of gold in the jewelry industry for women and men. Finally, many industrial uses of gold have emerged .

The purity of gold is measured in carats and gold equals 24 carats. The mines were dug to extract gold ore, but most of the prospectors searched for gold on the surface of the earth. They washed the gravel deposited in the river bottoms in sinks or pools rinsed to pick up the pieces of gold called (nuggets). To extract the gold , the gold miners placed the mud extracted from the river in a shallow metal bowl called the bowl and filled it with water and stirred it in a circle.

gold miner
Gold Extraction and the role of gold miner in this process

The most important uses of gold ..

* It is a rare mineral in nature, so its value is very high as a storehouse of value. Gold is still used today by investors, banks and high net worth individuals to secure part of their property in gold. Gold is a safe haven not affected by the market. so far

* Gold is used in some medical treatments, such as arthritis. Gold has also been used to treat cases where some people can not completely close their eyes. Eyelids are given some gold, making them heavier and more manageable. Radioactive in the treatment of some types of cancers. This is in addition to the known uses of gold in dentistry since ancient times. The inert nature of the gold, and the possibility of its formation, make it an appropriate material in the process of filling teeth, as well as in the manufacture of artificial teeth .

Newer methods of Gold miner in the extraction

gold miner
Gold Extraction and the role of gold miner in this process

gold miner used many methods to extract gold throughout history, at present there are several methods used to extract gold ..

Extraction of gold found in silt and riverbeds .  Gold is found in rough form in some of the stones in rivers and estuaries. This method was used by the gold miner and is still used until now by conducting a manual search of the stone deposits in the bottoms of the watercourses, where gold is likely to be found in large amounts , These deposits are obtained, and then the extraction of gold from them by washing and screening old , Currently, giant machines are used to pull large amounts of sediments in river bottoms and to extract gold from them .

Gold mining by drilling in mines.   There are large amounts of gold found in some rock formations, the so-called gold mines, the gold miner breaks the stones in these mines by giant crushing machines, the explosives may be used in this process, then grinding into small parts, Gold through a number of refining operations including melting of stones and obtaining gold in liquid form. The work in these quarries is subject to several considerations, the most important of which is the price of gold in the market and the percentage of gold in the stones.

Extracting gold from the ground .  In some places, gold is found underground in large quantities to allow commercial exploitation. Horizontal drilling is drilled in the ground, and pipes or mechanical devices are brought in to bring the rocks containing gold from the ground. The gold miner performs the usual treatment.

The largest gold mines in the world

gold miner

Grasberg mine , is located in Indonesia’s Papua province near Puncak Jaya Mountain, the highest mountain in Papua, the world’s largest gold mine. The world’s third largest copper mine, with a mine of 19,500 employees and owned by Freeport McMuran, produced about 2.025000 mines An ounce of gold in 2012, the mine is an open pit and underground operations

Muruntau Mine , Located in the Kizil Desert in Uzbekistan, the mine produces about 2 million ounces of gold a year, owned by NMMC.

Carlin Nevada Complex , Located in Nevada, USA, one of the largest gold mines in the world, with more than 1,600 employees, it produces about 2 million ounces of gold a year, valued at more than $ 6,000,000,000, Newmont Mining Corp, with an open mine and underground operations.

Yanacocha Gold Mine , is located in northern Peru and produces more than $ 7 billion in gold value so far. The World Bank Group has contributed significantly to the development of this project with Newmont Mining.

Goldstrike mine , is located in the Eureka district of northeast Nevada, owned by Barrick Gold, the world’s largest mining company. Gold Strike is the largest gold mine in North America, producing about 1.24 million ounces of gold in 2012.

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