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Fox News said Donald Trump spent the weekend ‘working at the White House.’ He was at his golf club

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AdvertisementIf Billy Joel is the Donald Trump of pop stars, then who is the Donald Trump of journalism?
The mildly deranged, media-hating governor of Maine, Paul LePage, has often boasted of being “Donald Trump before Donald Trump,” which sounds like the George Jones/Barbara Mandrell claim of being country before country was cool.
It’s scary.”At the end of the day, one Donald Trump is more than enough, thank you very much.
If Donald Trump had made his career in Texas, his Lone Star epithet would be: All hair, no cattle.
In an Internet interview last year, she suggested that Americans “should give Donald Trump a go.”Politico, which Esquire columnist Charlie Pierce calls “Tiger Beat on the Potomac,” recently published an article entitled “Pope Francis: Donald Trump of the left?” Slow news day at the click farm, eh?

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Sarah Silverman to Take on Donald Trump in New Weekly Show

Sarah Silverman will unpack the emotional and political baggage of the Trump era in her new weekly series with Will Ferrell and Adam McKay’s Funny or Die production company.
Related Sarah Silverman as Hitler: Trump Comparisons ‘Bum Me Out’ “Like 90 percent of what he says, I’m like, ‘This guy gets it,'” comedian says, impersonating dictator on ‘Conan.’
Last month, Silverman filmed a stand-up comedy special, directed by Liam Lynch, that will debut May 30th on Netflix.
Hulu recently picked up the topical show, tentatively titled I Love You, America, with a 10-episode order.
The network added, “While it’s great to connect with like-minded people, Silverman feels it’s crucial, now more than ever, to connect with un-like-minded people.”

Donald Trump Reportedly Handed Germany's Angela Merkel a

referring to Pinterest (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)He reportedly handed Germany a $326 billion bill.
“A sensible security policy is not just buying tanks, driving defense spending to insane heights and escalating the arms race,” he said.
The bill — handed over during private talks in Washington — was described as “outrageous” by one German minister.
So when she came to visit Donald Trump’s White House, he obviously protected that relationship and recognized that Merkel is a valuable ally.
“The alliance is not a club with a membership fee.”I’m sure Donald Trump read that quote on a golf course somewhere and was furious.

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