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Flying across the country in San Francisco could fund you cash on buy a car

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San Francisco is one of the most expensive cities in the country — it takes $110,357 a year to live “comfortably” there, a recent analysis found.
With nearly half of Americans lacking enough cash savings to cover even a $400 emergency, the City of San Francisco is trying a new way to get people to save money — paying them to do it.
They earn $10 a month in rewards and claim their $60 at the end of six months of continuous saving.
All told, the financial instability of San Francisco families ends up costing the city government (and in turn, taxpayers) $24 million to $54 million a year, according to the Urban Institute.
The city is recruiting 1,000 people to participate in a campaign called Saverlife that gives participants $60 if they save $20 a month for six months.

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Flying across the country  in  San Francisco could fund  you cash on  buy a car

Basically, if you’re willing to expand your used-car search area to the entire nation, you can save thousands on a used car by flying one-way to buy the car and driving it home.
You may still be able to save money by flying to check out a car and shipping it home, but the savings won’t be as high.
“Even for less ambitious shoppers, this research highlights just how much variability can exist on used car prices in different markets.
It all depends on how badly you want a specific model, and how much you’re willing to work for it.
But if you’re willing to expand your boundaries by, well, a lot, you might be able to save a huge chunk of change.
Flying across the country

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car shoppers

Sometimes, it’s cheaper to buy a used car across the country—even when factoring in the cost of a plane ticket.
“Expanding your search area even moderately can sometimes unearth opportunities to save,” Rosenberg said.
Continue Reading BelowThat’s according to CarGurus, a car-shopping website, which found that buyers can save money on some models by flying to a distant dealer and driving their new ride back home.
An Albuquerque, New Mexico, resident would save nearly $1,900 on a 2007 BMW 3-series if they fly to a Dallas dealership.
“Shopping local makes sense for most car shoppers, but the adventurous deal-seeker could find a used car far outside their home region and still see big savings—with the added bonus of a fun summer road trip,” said Lisa Rosenberg, data analyst at CarGurus.


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