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Facebook Gives A shock to Bitcoin And Other Digital Currencies

Facebook gives a shock to Bitcoin and other Digital Currencies  . As informed in Bitcoin and the else dozen largest digital currencies with market cap are down at least 6% in the past 24 hours and all except for one have declined over 12% in the past week. The biggest reason for today’s down is Facebook posting an upgrade to its Advertising Policy. If it continues to fall, it going to may be negatively effects other digital currencies. The firm added the new policy prohibiting advertising for digital currencies on its site final night. It going to be interesting to see if the company’s new policy has an effects on request for Bitcoin and other digital currencies.


How The World’s Central Banks are Reacting to Digital Currencies

Countries attempt to launch their own digital currencies a few central banks still to investigate relleasing their own state-backed digital currencies. Further, some view the idea of government-controlled digital currencies as oppositional to the digital currency movement.
Some central banks warn against digital currencies While some countries look to issue their own digital currencies, others condemn the industry altogether. Interestingly, some countries like India and Russia both warned against digital currencies and reported plans to launch digital currencies of their own. How The World’s Central Banks are Reacting to Digital Currencies.




US Imposes Sanctions Targeting Digital Currencies Issued with the Venezuelan Government And Designates further Venezuelan Officials

As mentioned in On March 19, 2018, President Donald Trump issued an executive order which aims to curb sanctions circumvention with the Maduro regime in Venezuela out of the Utilize of digital currencies. Non-US persons are too subject to the same prohibitions for actions which are taken, in whole or in part, within the United States. This new round of sanctions followed earlier sectoral sanctions which prohibit a broad range of transactions involving securities and debt issued with the Government of Venezuela. On the same day, the US section of the Treasury reported the sanctions designations of 4 additional current or previous Venezuelan government officials, including government officials in charge of Venezuela’s national bank and treasury. According to the Treasury Department, the action was taken to highlight Venezuelan economic mismanagement and endemic corruption.



Digital Currencies
Digital Currencies




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