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ew declare : Season 2, Episode 5

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Thankfully, “Currency” is a shift in the opposite direction, a stirring, exciting episode like no other this season so far.
For all of the strengths of the first season, Billions has been struggling in its sophomore season.
So, as the episode begins, we see Wags coming to Axe Capital after apparently being absent for a while.
Too many meandering stories — Wags’ descent into uselessness being the worst of the bunch — have left each episode feeling rather listless.
That spark and tension between Axe and Chuck has been missing all season long.

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It’s clearly not coincidental that Axe Capital is now operating above board and sinking below water financially.
The speech here is interesting when compared to other Axe Capital speeches.
With little prodding, Wendy gets Wags to find the source of his recent tailspin: an encounter with an old colleague and mentor, whom Wags realized was suffering from early onset Alzheimer’s.
The episode ends with Boyd and Axe about to go on a financial program to sell the Nigerian play in Axe’s favor.
Axe gets a call that the feds are coming with a warrant for Boyd.

Billions Recap, Season 2 Episode 5

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‘Billions,’ Season 2, Episode 5: The Taste of Loneliness

Last week, I wrote about Wendy’s free agency in the wake of leaving her job and separating from her husband.
But when you consider the last three lines, the theme of the episode emerges:If loneliness meant world acclaim,Then everyone would know my nameI’d be a legend in my time.
He feels vulnerable until Wendy finally gets to him, which is uncharted emotional territory for a man prized for his swagger.
This week’s episode finds virtually every character, major and minor, in a similar state of isolation from the people close to them, each left to their own devices.
“Currency” also finds Wags finally hitting bottom after a season of the yips.

‘Billions,’ Season 2, Episode 5: The Taste of Loneliness

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