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Trump will issue takes aim at the Clean Power Plan

Part of today’s order directs the EPA to review the Clean Power Plan.
The Interior Department’s preliminary report last month recognized that “modernization of the Federal coal program is warranted.
The federal coal program, which is a major source of U.S. carbon emission and chronically shortchanges taxpayers by selling for far below market rates, hasn’t been reexamined since earlier Nixon- and Reagan-era moratoriums.
But the federal government recently recognized the need for fundamental reform — including the possibility of setting a carbon budget limit for federal coal, or ending the program entirely.
“Cutting emissions from power plants is mandated by the Clean Air Act, and Trump can’t undo science and law with the stroke of a pen.
Trump Power Plan
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Trump to dismantle Obama’s Clean Power Plan

The directive that administration officials said Trump will issue takes aim at the Clean Power Plan, a far-reaching initiative former President Obama signed in 2015.
They will point to the EPA’s finding in 2009 that greenhouse gases endanger the public health and welfare and must be controlled, and the Clean Power Plan is an essential part of controlling their release.
In California, the state was already so far ahead in reducing emissions by the time the Clean Power Plan was signed that it had no effect on the state’s energy plans.
Those suits could reemerge, she said, if the revised EPA plan lifts greenhouse gas restrictions on power companies.
Trump is expected to ask a Washington, D.C., circuit court to put off an imminent ruling on the legality of the Clean Power Plan while the EPA drafts new, weaker rules.


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President Trump will try to land a knockout blow on his predecessor’s sprawling climate agenda by issuing an executive order today targeting at least nine actions that form the foundation of U.S. efforts to cut emissions and prepare for rising perils.

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