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Berkeley City Council seeks to narrow the gender pay gap

Berkeley City Council will convene Tuesday to discuss the appointment of a new police chief, a resolution that seeks to narrow the gender pay gap and a senate bill that discourages emergency room closures, among other items.
“It’s been a long time that women have been asking for equal pay,” Hahn said.
“Given the fact that knowledge and advocacy of the issue have not resulted in equal pay for women … incentives and requirements are the only way.
The recommendation also proposes an incentive that awards contractors who demonstrate a less than 10 percent pay gap between male and female employees in the same job category in their Equal Pay Report.
The council’s resolution, authored by Mayor Jesse Arreguín and Hahn, proposes that the council support Skinner’s bill.

Highlighting the gender wage gap on equal pay day

gender wage gap

As part of this year’s equal pay day, The Crazy Goat in Concord hosted a Stand With Women Unhappy Hour.
A special cocktail called “the boss lady” is made at The Crazy Goat in Concord to highlight the gender wage gap on Tuesday, April 4, 2017.
(ELIZABETH FRANTZ / Monitor staff) Businesses across New Hampshire highlighted the gender wage gap on Tuesday by offering women a discount of about 20 percent.
The wage gap is higher for women of color.
(ELIZABETH FRANTZ / Monitor staff) The Crazy Goat owner and chef Nina Mujakovic (second from left) talks with Executive Councilor Andru Volinsky and Rep. Jackie Cilley at the restaurant during an event to highlight the gender wage gap on Tuesday, April 4, 2017.

gender pay gap

as declared in As gender advocates across the country demand equal pay, one organization is helping MTSU students fight the pay gap before they graduate.
The National Committee on Pay Equality established April 4 as equal pay day in 1996, the same year many of the MTSU students who learned about Equal Pay Day were born.
“It’s really critical that young women, especially young women of color take a salary negotiation class here at MTSU,” said Dia Cirillo, president of the Murfreesboro branch of the American Association of University Women.
The AAUW says closing the wage gap comes down to progressive laws at the state and federal levels, but also a cultural shift.
And while the gap does seem to be closing, if change continues the same rate as the last 15 years, women won’t win pay equality until 2152.

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