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Best Donald Trump Jr. Memes quoting : Teen Vogue

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On Saturday, the New York Times ran a profile of Donald Trump Jr., the eldest son of the president and the accompanying image—of a plaid-clad Trump Jr. sitting on a tree stump, staring off into the distance at his father’s Bedford, N.Y., estate—has launched a thousand memes.
Advertisement – Continue Reading BelowBehold:how is he so bad at sitting?
From mocking Trump’s contemplative face to the awkward way he is perched all the way down to the boots that look brand spanking new, nothing was off limits to Twitter’s meme creators.
Then you look at those brand new boots that have never been worn before ? pic.twitter.com/QTYi2nIA32 — Love Belfast ❤️ (@love_belfast) March 18, 2017Advertisement – Continue Reading Belowpic.twitter.com/LeZ7CdpxwU — philippe iujvidin (@philyuck) March 18, 2017
pic.twitter.com/XE1VKHw3SW — Jeffrey Vagle (@jvagle) March 18, 2017It’s @DonaldJTrumpJr trying to look like an outdoorsy, every man.

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Best Donald Trump Jr. Memes

Best Donald Trump Jr. Memes

But this weekend, Donald Trump Jr. is getting a lot of attention online for a whole different reason.
President Donald Trump’s family has certainly been in the public eye throughout his campaign and presidency, and it’s safe to say that they’ve been subject to a fair amount of scrutiny.
His two sons, Eric and Donald Jr., have raised eyebrows for their charity work that sounded ‘conflict of interest’ alarms, as well as business trips that could end up costing US taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars.
Soon enough, Don Jr. was on his way to becoming a meme.
Here are some of the best responses so far; prepare to giggle relentlessly.

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