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A first-quarter 2017 profit of $12 million for Safety Insurance Group

Safety Insurance Group (NASDAQ:SAFT) reported a first-quarter 2017 profit of $12 million, helped by an underwriting profit and modest realized gains on its investment portfolio.

Looking ahead Safety Insurance writes several lines of insurance, but car insurance remains its staple.
Safety investors have become almost spoiled by the regularity with which it reports positive developments, a staple of its quarterly earnings reports for several years running.
Safety generated an underwriting profit, recording a combined ratio of 99.2%.
Since it is based in Massachusetts, Safety’s insurance results are greatly affected by weather in the first quarter of the year.

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Let’s take a closer look at Clean Energy’s results in the first quarter, and what to expect from the company going forward.
Clean Energy continues to deliver volume growth and positive cash flowsClean Energy Fuels continues to see strong — and growing — demand.
And that means Clean Energy’s fuel-related revenues and profits will take a hit going forward.
Instead of just knowing the top- and bottom-line results, it’s more important to get a whole picture of Clean Energy’s operations and balance sheet.
Leading natural-gas-for-transportation provider Clean Energy Fuels Corp (NASDAQ:CLNE) reported its first-quarter results on May 4, delivering a $61 million quarterly profit, which was by far the biggest in the company’s history.
Energy Fuels

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Ferrari Profit Surges 60% as Sales of V12 Cars Soar — The Motley Fool

Ferrari’s non-GAAP “net industrial debt,” a widely watched number, fell to 578 million euros from 653 million euros at the end of 2016.
Ferrari’s revenue and profit both exceeded analyst expectations, and shares rose sharply after the news was released before the bell on May 4.
The gain from increased engine sales to Maserati was offset slightly by the end of an agreement to rent Ferrari racing engines to a rival Formula One team.
Revenue from cars and spare parts rose 21% from a year ago, to 581 million euros.
Ferrari is also boosting revenue and profit on its sports cars via a “personalization program” that allows customers ordering Ferraris to add exclusive features.
Ferrari Profit


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