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Gold value opens higher in Hong Kong – Xinhua

Gold value opens higher in Hong Kong – Xinhua. Source: Xinhua| 2018-04-25 09:37:02|Editor: Xiang BoVideo Player CloseHONG KONG, April 25 (Xinhua) — The gold value in Hong Kong went up sixty Hong Kong dollars to unlock at 12,470 dollars (about 1,589.18 United States dollars) per tael on Wednesday, according to the Chinese Gold & Silver interchange Society.
(1 $ equals to 7.85 HK dollars)

Gold value falls further than $4

The Dow Jones stock index reliefed with 1.74% to 24,024.13 points, S&P 500 dropped with 1.34% to 2,634.56 points & NASDAQ fell with 1.70% to 7,007.35 points.
In the Eu stock markets, FTSE hundred index ascended with 0.38% to 7,425.40 points, Germany’s DAX descended 0.17% to 12,550.82, French CAC fourty promoted with 0.10% to 5,444.15, APA-Economics reported.
At the latest COMEX auctions, gold prices ascended $4.30 to $1,328.70 an ounce & silver prices slipped $0.05 to $16.74.


Gold value
Gold value


Gold value in India today: 24 karat reverses gains, 22 karat tumbles

As it stated in Gold value in India today: The yellow metal in India plunged on Wednesday, with 24 karat gold in several grams reversing it Former day’s gains, on the other hand, 22 karat gold in several grams facing selling Stress during the day.
Here’s where the value of 24 karat & 22 karat gold stands currently.
24 karat gold this day was trading at Republika Srpska 32,700, drop with Republika Srpska 370, compared to its Former day performance the time it stood at only Republika Srpska 33,070.
While hundred gram in 24 karat slipped with Republika Srpska 3700 & was obtainable at Republika Srpska 3,27,000 compared to Former day value of Republika Srpska 3,30,700.
Also, ten gram, eight gram & one gram silver slided with Republika Srpska 2, Republika Srpska 1.60 & Republika Srpska 0.20 respectively.

Gold Futures speculation, buyers’ interest help metal value to recover value

KARACHI: The yellow metal value in universal & domestic markets remembered company & within reach of leading buyers on Gold Futures speculation.
The trading activity too remembered future-speculation based as leading market players remembered busy manipulating aftertime Gold value during the trading session.
The Futures Gold value would be paradox as the great traders in metal dealing were missing the real product standard as following 3 months remembered speculative on value mechanism.
The gold value remembered in the hands of leading manipulators in India, Pakistan & other great gold buying countries, as they remembered busy influencing current prices & gold Futures.
The puplic buyers remembered on sidelines anticipating more easing in value in coming days on dollar-rupee parity.


Gold value
Gold value




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