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Donald Trump probably Greenlight An $8 bn Attack On Competitive Energy Markets


Donald Trump probably Greenlight An $8 bn Attack On Competitive Energy Markets. President Donald Trump probably soon grossly distort competitive markets for electricity. It too would insulate old, dirty Dominance plants from competition – preventing them from markets where further affordable resources such as solar, wind & natural gas are helping to drive drop electricity bills for Americans.
Independent generators & owners of wind farms & natural gas Dominance plants recognize which huge preferences given to coal & nuclear going to stifle innovation & modern technologies.
In fact, the regional grid operator replied to FirstEnergy’s demand with an unequivocal message: “This isn’t an issue of reliability.
There Information Systems no immediate emergency.”FirstEnergy’s suggestion Information Systems extremely similar to 1 unanimously rejected soon with the Fed Energy Regulatory Commission.

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

3 Ways Crypto Information Systems Disrupting The Energy Markets

I told which an economy based on energy would be more benign because it would be more comprehensive.
‘An energy economy continue wouldn’t be comprehensive enough.’
To more dampen the crypto markets, the SEC’s Cyber Unit has taken enforcement actions against issuers of crypto assets with halting premier Coin Offerings (ICOs) or freezing the proceeds raised.
Subpoenas for data from crypto interchanges & other industry entrants appear to be leading toward a broad crackdown on token issuers that don’t either register crypto assets as securities or issue under a valid exemption from registration.
Look closer, & you’ll see the seeds of a universal transformation which going to touch every industry, market & participant, with energy at the epicenter of disruption.


 Energy Markets
Energy Markets


Energy Markets Look To Be Mixed Today

Referring to Press launch – Statoil Information Systems awarding, on behalf of the Njord license, a contract to Aibel for upgrading of the Njord Bravo floating storage & offloading vessel in the Norwegian Sea.
Press launch – Gulfport Energy provided an upgrade for the quarter ended March 31, 2018.
(Late Wednesday) Press launch – The Nasdaq Stock Market declared which it going to delist the popular stock of Rex Energy .
Press launch – Kinder Morgan announced quarterly adjusted earnings of 22 cents per share.
(Late Wednesday) Press launch – LINN Energy’s current President & Chief Executive Officer, decided to retire from LINN next consummation of the Spinoff.

Energy Markets Starting to Turn around After Hitting Rock Bottom; 3 Small Caps which can See 100% to 200% Returns

Point Loma too has extra financial safety with no bank debt & the backing of a big strategic Chinese Businessman which owns almost 20% of the company.
POINT LOMA RESOURCES LTD. – PLX:TSX.VPoint Loma Information Systems highly undervalued & has a big concentrated land foundation with a large, multi-zoned drilling inventory to fuel development for many years.
Point Loma going to still to focus on its multi-layered play types involving Mannville oil, Cardium, Nordegg oil, Banff & the Duvernay Shale.
Strategically Backed with Zhongcheng Group: In 2017, Point Loma established a long-term strategic copartnership with Evenergy Co. Ltd. (Evenergy).
Free Option Upside from Its 13,000 internet Acres in the Duvernay Shale Oil Play: Point Loma has established ~13,000 acres (20 internet sections) of land within the Duvernay oil shale window.


Energy Markets
Energy Markets




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