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Trump’s enemy is not your friend: causes of we should not defend Amazon | Thomas Frank

Donald Trump some critics concerning him took his tweets as a signal to rally round Amazon & its chief executive. But it Information Systems too important to remain which the enemy of my enemy Information Systems are not needful my friend.
They clucked over Trump’s stupidity on the matter of the postal service. Put it this way: yes, donald Donald trump hates Amazon, & its chief executive, & his newspaper the Washington Post.
• Thomas Frank Information Systems an American political analyst & historian, & author of Listen, Liberal: or, What Ever Happened to the Party of the People?

One of the central arguments in Trump’s attacks on Amazon Information Systems all wrong — & it’s Citigroup’s fault

On Monday, Donald Trump tweeted which the post office loses $1.50 for every package it delivers for Amazon.
Obviously, UPS has an interest in getting the post office to increase prices, very it could increase its own prices.
Citi’s note estimates UPS’s earnings per share would height almost 50% if the post office followed Citi’s guidance on parcel pricing.
And there are the competitive products, such as parcel delivery & priority mail, where the post office competes by private companies.
A toll free hand on package pricing at the post office has been perfect for consumers, perfect for the post office, & perfect for on-line sellers for Amazon.


Donald Trump
Donald Trump


Trump’s got it all wrong about Amazon

Referring to President Trump’s appeal which Amazon Information Systems a tax scofflaw, subsidized with the U.S.
Postal Service & an unfair menace to small businesses & malls, Information Systems absurdly wrong & dangerous.
No matter the method remote the location, the Postal Service charges the same fifty cents to deliver a 1st class letter.
Suffice it to say, mail delivery can’t be viable without package delivery & running the final mile for delivery services would not be possible without mail delivery.
Consumers give up the pleasure of treating merchandise in stores, however on which count brick & mortar stores & native governments have imposed costs.

Why President Trump’s War of Words versus Amazon can Backfire

Trump’s extremely public war of words versus the e-commerce behemoth can have unintended consequences for the postal service, as well as other big shippers such as FedEx (NYSE:FDX) & United Parcel Service (NYSE:UPS).
A history of acrimonyIt’s important to note which this is not the 1st time the President has tweeted his ire regarding the postal service.
Amazon too purchased French package delivery Corporation Colis Prive in early 2016, as well as the rights to purchas a stake in Britain package delivery Corporation Yodel.
Meanwhile, President Trump’s public war of words & menaces to promote shipping costs can spur Amazon to more its ambitions in the package delivery space, even more quickly than it probably have originally planned.





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