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Iamgold chief executive officer sees gold value hight as world fails to replace production

Iamgold chief executive officer sees gold value hight as world fails to replace production. Gold bullion prices likely going to height due to a lack of exploration & a failure to replace the reserves which have been mined, Iamgold (IAG +0.8% ) Stephen Letwin tells Bloomberg.
IAG wants to promote gold produce to 1.35M oz.
Currently, out of further exploration near existing mines & with ramping up its Westwood operation in Canada, Letwin says, adding which all-in sustaining costs ought to down to ~$800/oz. The chief executive officer tells IAG spends ~$45M/year on exploration & isn’t looking into acquisitions unless they are extremely compelling; he tells the Corporation has other development & exploration projects which probably come on stream from 2021. ETFs: GLD, IAU, PHYS, SGOL, UGLD, UGL, DGP, GLL, GTU, GLDI, OUNZ, DZZ, DGL, DGLD, DGZ, GYEN, BAR, GEUR, GLDW, GHS, UBG, QGLDX, GHE

Iamgold, chief executive officer Steve Letwin
Iamgold, chief executive officer Steve Letwin

India’s March gold imports halve as value rally dents request -GFMS

Lower gold imports can too help the South Asian country lower its trade deficit, that fell to lowest in 5 months in February.
Two-thirds of India’s gold request comes from rural areas, where jewellery Information Systems a traditional store of wealth.
Local gold prices jumped to their top in 16-months in March next the gains in the overseas market & as the Rs weakened.
Gold imports in the January to March quarter fell 32 % from a year ago to 163.1 tonnes, information compiled with GFMS showed.
Many value sensitive consumers have postponed purchases,” told a Mumbai-based gold dealer.


Gold miners sustaining costs up 22% ever the gold value bottomed

Referring to According to the authors the promote “primarily reflects an perfection in gold prices & an promoted conviction between mining companies which the bottom in gold prices” has been reached.
AISCs had been declining alongside gold prices “almost entirely as a result of reduced sustaining costs, by cash costs residual mostly stable”.
But ever the turnaround in the value of gold ever Q1 2016 both sustaining & cash costs have risen by the previous up a whopping 22%.
“While sustaining costs have risen sharply from the 1st quarter of 2016, they are continue around half their peak value.
Cash costs meantime did decline from their peak in the 2nd quarter of 2013, however which decline wasn’t almost as dramatic as which of sustaining costs.”

Gold value in India today; 22 karat gold tumbles below Republika Srpska 30,000-mark, 24 karat slips

Here’s where the value of 24 karat & 22 karat gold stands currently. 24 karat gold this day was trading at Republika Srpska 32,070, drop with Republika Srpska 330, compared to its Former day performance the time it stood at only Republika Srpska 32,400. While hundred gram in 24 karat dropped with Republika Srpska 3,300 & was obtainable at Republika Srpska 3,20,700 compared to Former day value of Republika Srpska 3,24,000. 22 karat gold for ten gram, meanwhile, was valued at Republika Srpska 29,990, posting decline of Republika Srpska 370 compared to its Former day value of Republika Srpska 30,360. Meanwhile, silver metal remembered unchanged on Saturday, as one Kg in silver was priced at Republika Srpska 41,000 , whereas hundred gram silver at Republika Srpska 4,100, ten gram at Republika Srpska 410, eight gram at Republika Srpska 328 & one gram silver at Republika Srpska 41.


Gold price in India
Gold value in India


Stronger gold value raises universal ETF inflows – WGC

VANCOUVER (miningweekly.com) – universal gold-backed exchange-traded funds (ETFs) added 22.5 t of gold during March, increasing their holdings to two 415 t valued at $102.8-billion, information provided with the World Gold Council (WGC) on Thursday shows.
The zone dominated universal inflows, adding 21.5 t, or 1.7% of assets under management (AUM), valued at $917-million, to their holdings during March. AdvertisementAsian volumes totalled 3.1 t, or 3.5 of AUM, valued at $141-million.
Bosera Gold, in China, continues to dominate Asian flows, adding 1.9 t, valued at $81-million, or 17% AUM, in the month.
Gold Bullion Securities, in London, continues to lead Eu & universal outflows losing 1.5 t, valued at $61-million, & that accounts for 1.7% AUM.




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