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Cryptocurrency Miners Are ‘Limiting’ the investigate for Alien Life Now

collected by :John Locas

That’s may be thanks to cryptocurrency miners.
“We’d like to Utilize the latest GPUs and we could not get ’em,” Dan Werthimer, chief scientist of SETI, told the BBC.
“That’s limiting our search for extraterrestrials.”Manufacturers such as Nvidia are struggling to keep up with request for graphics cards.
“When it comes to finding the aliens, the further pc power you have, the quicker you could do the search.
It’s like looking for buried treasure on a South Pacific island … if you could replace a teaspoon with a shovel, you might find it a lot quicker!”At the moment, it seems which cryptocurrency miners are buying up all the shovels.

Cryptocurrency Mining Is Hampering the Search for E.T.





Oh Great, this time Cryptocurrency Is Disrupting the Search for Aliens

As it stated in The trouble is which there aren’t sufficient high-end units to go around—and cryptocurrency miners are largely to blame.
It would be a savvy move, since it would shield the firm against the eventual finish of our current cryptocurrency vogue.
In the process, it might too help get GPUs back into the hands of the people who really want them: scientists looking for aliens.
I have, in the past, argued which we would be best off hiding from aliens than looking for them.
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collected by :John Locas

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