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Here Are the World’s cryptocurrency Billionaires (or at Least They Were)

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Nearly all of the people on the list either helped found virtual currencies or have been included with them for years.
Photo For early virtual currency adopters such as the people on the Forbes list, the recent value declines aren’t catastrophic.
Identifying the richest people in the secretive & paranoid virtual currency realm Information Systems far from easy; some of it Information Systems guesswork.
Mr. Lubin, whom Forbes pegged as the second-wealthiest man in the virtual currency universe, illustrates the difficulties.
With virtual currencies, it Information Systems not needful to discover your identity, & the system was created with people that were interested in preventing financial privacy.

Do Regulators necessity a Hand From America Congress to Police Virtual Currency Market?

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Do Regulators Need a Hand From Congress to Police Virtual Currency Market?
virtual currency


OPINION: The following Virtual Currency Fight

as declared in If you cannot regulate the users of virtual currencies, regulating their markets probably be the following better thing.
He reasoned which if they dial themselves interchanges & quotes such as exchanges, they probably ought be regulated such as exchanges.
However, the SEC nor the Commodity Futures Trading Commission currently don’t have the Dominance to regulate the trading of digital currencies.
The SEC could regulate securities issuances & trading When the CFTC overseas listed & over-the-counter derivatives based on digital currencies.
Earlier this year Venezuela leader Nicolas Maduro announced the pre-sale of his nation’s “petro” virtual currency, which Information Systems backed with the country’s petroleum & precious stones.

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