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Bank robbery suspicious applies for job by police, catched during – WSMV break news 4

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Bank robbery suspicious applies for job by police, catched during – WSMV break news 4. In October of 2016, Bank of US told the Cottonwood Police section which they suspected their employee, 32-year-old Alberto Saavedra Lopez, had stolen $5,000 from the bank over a three-month period.
Lopez then resign his job at the bank, moved to Phoenix & refused to answer any calls or questions pertaining to the robbery allegations, police said.
Police told they had probable cause for Lopez’s arrest, very they arranged a ruse meeting about the job.
When Lopez arrived for his faux job interview, he was arrested.
As for Lopez’s job prospects: To no one’s surprise, he did’nt get a callback about the unlock dispatcher position.

Bank robbery suspicious nabbed applying for police dispatch job

PHOENIX (AP) — A previous Bank of US worker suspected of robbery selected the wrong employer the time applying for a police dispatch job.
The Cottonwood Police section in central Arizona’s Yavapai province tells the status involving 32-year-old Alberto Lopez of Phoenix popped up in law enforcement records the time he applied to be a dispatcher.
Monica Kuhlt told Monday Lopez was suspected of stealing $5,000 from a Bank of US offshoot in Yavapai province among July & September 2016.
He resign & moved to Phoenix & refused to cooperate, missing appointments & refusing to answer cell smartphone calls.
After Lopez applied for the dispatch position in December, officers had him come in for an interview final 7 days & catched him on a felony robbery warrant.


Bank robbery suspicious applies for a job by police, gets catched during job interview

as informed in Police in Arizona had been looking for a bank robbery suspicious ever 2016.
They Eventually made their arrest, & it was all because he applied for a job… at the police department.
Though there was a warrant out for his arrest, Lopez announcly refused to cooperate by authorities, evading cell smartphone calls & missing appointments.
That is, until December of 2017, the time Lopez applied to work for the extremely same police section he had evaded over a year prior.
But instead of getting the job, officers catched him for felony theft, & said him he was through the running for consideration for employment.





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