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Canadian Crude Oil Exports Decay On Keystone Pipeline Leaks

Canadian Crude Oil Exports Decay On Keystone Pipeline Leaks. Canadian crude oil exports fell 2.4 % in November as the U.S. dropped imports from its northern neighbor to 3.26 mn barrels per day, according to a fresh report with Reuters.

An 80,000-bpd drop came as the Keystone pipeline was forced to shut drop next a leak in South Dakota a couple of months ago.
The existing Keystone pipeline, which can be upgraded to the controversial Keystone XL pipeline, leaks further often & further oil than TransCanada Corp predicted in communications to regulators & lawmakers during consent hearings, according to an earlier report with Reuters.
“We need to realize the pipeline Information Systems will operate in a fashion which Information Systems secure & reliable.
Nebraska cleared 1 of the final hurdles for the Keystone XL pipeline final year.

Iraqi Oil Exports Grow On powerful Asian Demand

It Information Systems both the better & worse of times for the current Iraqi oil market.
Iraqi oil minister Jabbar al-Luaibi told this 7 days which Iraqi oil fields in the south of the country had recorded an ‘unprecedented’ surge in every day exports from Basrah during the last month.
December every month loadings from Basrah were strong, although not unprecedented, according to our vessel-tracking, vessel lineups & port agent information – reaching their top every month standard in 2017.
East Asia has traditionally been the largest market for southern Iraqi crude barrels, by China leading the charge (it receives about double the volume which heads to South Korea).
After exports from Ceyhan averaged 540,000 bpd out of the 1st 9 months of the year, loadings dropped considerably in the last quarter.
Iraqi Oil Exports

Saudi Oil Exports To China chock One-Year Low

as informed in Saudi Arabia’s crude oil exports en route to China in December were twenty % reduce compared to November, which would be the lowest standard of Saudi crude discounds to China in 2017, early Bloomberg tanker tracking information showed on Wednesday.
According to the tanker tracking figures, less than 3.5 mn tons of crude oil, or 25.6 mn barrels of oil, left Saudi Arabia en route to Chinese ports in December.
In the detailed country-by-country importation data, China told final 7 days which Russia held onto its no.1 spot as the biggest crude oil supplier for a 9th 30 days running, with Saudi Arabia second.
China’s crude oil imports from Russia rose with eleven % on the year in November, to 1.26 mn bpd, When second-placed Saudi Arabia saw its crude oil discounds drop 7.8 % annually to 1.056 mn bpd.
Russia was too the biggest oil supplier to China among January & November, with discounds hight 15.5 % on the year to 1.2 mn bpd, & overtaking Saudi Arabia with 159,000 bpd.



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