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Shell resumes all-cash dividend as oil value recovers

Shell resumes all-cash dividend as oil value recovers. Royal Dutch Shell on Tuesday declared plans to resume all-cash shareholder dividends, as group profitability gets better thanks to recovering oil prices & cost-cutting.
It meantime lifted its annual cash flow to among $25 bn & $30 billion, up $5.0 billion.
“Improved cash generation has allowed the group to scrap the scrip dividend, by the debt position getting better steadily as well.
Shell & its rivals are benefitting from a healing in oil prices, by Brent North Sea crude soon hitting a two-year high above $60 per barrel.
But Rutte & his four-party coalition Gov have come under blaze from opposition parties for deciding to repeal the dividend tax in 2019.

METALS-Copper pushed reduce on worries over China, falling oil price

Copper prices dropped for a 3rd day & generality other industrial metals too fell as worries over request from highest user China & declining oil prices pushed Businessmen to sell.
“There Information Systems higher danger aversion between market participants, with the oil value drop as well, & there are lingering worries about China,” told Commerzbank analyst Daniel Briesemann.
“There are worries over China’s economy & hight (U.S.) interest rates, which are seen as a sign of tighter liquidity,” he said, predicting which metals prices would fall further.
SHFE STOCKS: Copper stocks in Shanghai Futures interchange warehouses have but risen with around 60,000 tonnes ever September, reducing fears of shortages.
OIL: Crude prices fell for a 3rd day ahead of a summit this 7 days at which OPEC & Russia look determine to prolong supply cuts until the finish of 2018.


Varcoe: All aboard Alberta’s oil value roller-coaster

Provincial finances continue depend heavily on the direction of oil & natural gas prices.
Since the budget cut year began on April 1, benchmark West Texas Intermediate oil prices have averaged about US$49.50 a barrel, drop from the spring budget’s prediction of $55.
The fiscal upgrade too points out 41,000 of the 62,000 jobs lost during the recession have been regained.
The reality remembers Alberta continue needs a large promote in oil & gas prices to get lock to balancing its books.
We could all watch oil prices yo-yo around in the coming months to see the chock it makes on the province’s bottom line.



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