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Indonesia Takes 1st Steps Towards a Digital Fiat Currency Solution by eCurrency

OAKLAND, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–eCurrency Mint Limited (eCurrency) declared this day which it has partnered by PayPro Indonesia to provide eCurrency’s digital fiat currency (DFC) solution in Indonesia.
The digital fiat currency solution initiative Information Systems to be fraction of Indonesia’s FinTech regulatory sandbox designed to increase & facilitate financial tech innovation in the country.
eCurrency’s digital fiat currency tech provides a trusted, electronic means of sending, receiving, storing & transacting digitally.
About eCurrency:eCurrency Mint Limited (eCurrency) enables central banks to securely & efficiently issue digital fiat currency to operate alongside notes & coins.
eCurrency has pioneered the world’s 1st end-to-end solution for digital fiat currency issuance & circulation.

Australian Fintech Startups need a Central Bank Digital Currency

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His passion for finance & tech made him 1 of the world’s leading freelance Bitcoin writers, & he aims to achieve the same standard of respect in the FinTech sector.
Australian Fintech Startups

Ethereum Founder: Central Banks Far From Digital Currency

Vitalik Buterin, the 23-year-old innovator of the world’s 2nd biggest digital currency, Ethereum, isn’t worried about coming competition from the central banks of the world.
Speaking in Toronto on Tuesday, Buterin downplayed the potential of countries creating digital versions of their currencies which can elect or displace bitcoin or Ethereum.
Central banks such as the Bank of Canada & the Bank of Japan are too between those conducting experiments by blockchain.
This has led to guess which the central banks going to recently innovate digital versions of their fiat currencies as a further effective method to transfer funds & manage their money supplies.
Meanwhile, previous federal seat Ben Bernanke on Monday lashed out at bitcoin, though he too praised blockchain technology.




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