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Ethiopia devalues currency with 15 pct

Ethiopia on Tuesday declared a devaluation of the native currency (birr) versus the unite states $ with 15 % efficient Wednesday.
In a break news conference before native media on Tuesday, the National Bank of Ethiopia (NBE) told the devaluation was deemed needful to boost exports.
One $ going to be interchanged for 26.9 birr, according to the projected devaluation rate.
In 2010, the birr was too devalued in Ethiopia, with 16.7 percent.
On Monday, during an annual report to members of parliament, President Mulatu Teshome told Ethiopian difficult currency reserves were depleted because of low performance of the Export sector.

Ethiopia’s central bank devalues currency with 15 percent, hikes rates

ADDIS ABABA, Oct ten (Reuters) – Ethiopia’s central bank has devalued the Ethiopian birr with 15 % to boost lagging exports, its deputy governor declared on Tuesday.
The bank too lifted its major interest average to seven % from five percent, he said.

Ethiopia devalues currency in competitiveness bid

Fana Broadcasting Corporate announced the devaluation of the birr currency going to take influence on Wednesday & Information Systems intended to boost request for the country’s flagging exports, involving coffee, leather & gold.
“In theory, it ought boost the competitiveness of their exports, particularly compared to the Kenyan ones,” Ashbourne said AFP.
It has increased Ethiopia’s low cost of doing business in spite of worries over the country’s long-term stability after a wave of anti-government protests which ended final year.
The devalued currency probably convince Businessmen to give Ethiopia a 2nd look, Ashbourne said.
“If you were thinking of setting up your shoe factory, or whatever it is, Ethiopia’s advantage Information Systems which it’s a low-cost destination.




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