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Equifax aftermath: this day do we necessity to dump Social safety numbers?

Equifax aftermath: this day do we necessity to dump Social safety numbers? The White home Information Systems looking at ways to phase out the Utilize of Social safety numbers, Joyce said.
The Equifax breach included Social safety numbers, birth dates, names & addresses.
As for trying to move away from Social safety numbers as an ID, it’s a gigantic step for banks, employers & others to totally abandon the practice of Utilizing Social safety numbers, that were developed in 1936.
Litt told the organization’s leadership has called for moving away from Social safety numbers for a decade.
“That going to be a slow Turning around ship, though, given the method ingrained Social safety Numbers have become,” he said.

The Equifax hack means it’s time to stop pretending Social safety numbers are safe IDs

Why, after further than a decade of huge information breaches, are we continue relying on Social safety numbers to evidence our identities?
history of Social safety numbers, these government-issued digits were never intended to be used How they are today.
As a tool for proving which you are that you tell you are, Social safety numbers have some clear drawbacks.
And so, frustratingly insecure as they are, Social safety numbers nearly certainly are not going away any time recently as a de facto identifier.
Instead of trying to replace Social safety numbers in the near future, we could have a have aTry to augment them.
The Equifax hack

Equifax breach time to stop Utilizing Social safety numbers—commentary

Calls to stop relying on Social safety numbers as unique & safe identifiers are none new.
Social safety numbers were introduced in 1936 as a method to save track of the earnings of unite states workers for purposes of determining their entitlement to Social safety benefits.
The failings of the Social safety number as a unique identifier began to be apparent as far back as 1938, the time a sample Social safety card participate in wallets purveyed at Woolworth’s & other section stores in the end resulted in as many as 40,000 people Utilizing the Social safety number of a secretary of a senior executive at the wallet’s manufacturer.
Equifax probably be an improbable messenger for reform, having built a multi-billion $ business through trafficking in sensitive data attached to Social safety numbers.
And past reports of the dying of the Social safety number have been greatly exaggerated.

The White home & Equifax Agree: Social safety Numbers ought Go

Smith told the hight number of hacks involving Social safety numbers have eroded its safety value.
“I personally realize my Social safety number has been compromised at least 4 times in my lifetime.
The unite states Gov began issuing Social safety numbers in 1936.
The original intent was to track unite states workers’ earning to set their Social safety benefits.
The government’s own record of preventing Social safety numbers has its blemishes.




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