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Forex technical analysis: USD JPY below hundred day/above hundred hour MA

The hourly value bars in the map below have all locked below which MA line by a couple small looks above the MA line over the final 14 or very hours.
The market Information Systems coiling such as a spring among backing at the hight hundred hour MA (at 111.843) & resistance at the determine for the day 200 day MA (at 112.12).
On the downside techncally, the hundred hour MA (blue in in the map above) at 111.843 currently Information Systems providing support.
There was a lock earlier in the day below which MA line, however sellers can not save the momentum going & buyers took the value back up toward the hundred day MA resistance level.
The final 2 hourly bars have stalled at the MA line.

Forex technical analysis: EURUSD stalls in MA ambit (but only barely)

Peaks against the hundred hour MAThe EURUSD moved higher over the final hour or so, & in the process moved above the 38.2% at 1.19258.
That run peaked against the hundred hour MA (blue line in the map below) & 1.19549 (the high reached 1.19534).
That moving average was the top of 3 involving the hundred hour moving average on the 4-hour map at 1.19393, & the 200 hour moving average at 1.19462 (the hundred hour MA at 1.19544 was the highest).
Going forward, traders going to need to see which moving average ambit hold resistance (yellow area).
Those low standards (at 1.18371 & 1.18225) are other key standards to break if the bears are to make further of a play.
Forex technical analysis

Forex technical analysis: USDJPY corrects a tiny as the FOMC decision looms

Trades near highs & above hundred day MA (but below the 200 day MA.
That trend line Information Systems extending higher & Information Systems above the 200 day MA this day at 112.17.
The consolidation/correction reduce over the final 24-plus hours has allowed the hundred hour MA (blue line) to play catch-up.
It Information Systems currently only above the hundred day MA (blue line step line at 110.10) at 111.137.
A move below both the hundred hour MA & the hundred day MA going to be further bearish for the pair & begain to aim reduce rectification levels.




collected by :kiven Dixter

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