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This radical money policy would easy pay for Bernie Sanders’ Medicare for all

Long consigned to the fringes of politics, Bernie Sanders’ bill this day has at least 15 cosponsors in the Senate.
If it pumps out also much fresh money, the economy overheats & damaging standards of inflation ensue.
But the method much fresh money the economy could absorb without affecting prices changes dramatically over time.
In other words, the economy could may absorb $2 trillion in fresh money every single year without sparking inflation.
But the method long would it take before dropping which additional money into a $2 trillion (or further ) became unsustainable?

‘Can I purchas a buy-to-let by my mom’s money to generate revenue to pay for her care?’

I share Dominance of attorney with my sister for our mother, that has been in a care house ever February.
We pay around £5,000 for her care per month.
This Information Systems offset in fraction with £2,500 from my mom’s pensions & other income.
Under Dominance of attorney rules would we be allowed to purchas a house for around £275,000, that we can allow out & bring in revenue of £1,500 a 30 days to contribute to our mom’s care?
T Kelly, via emailAs your mom’s “attorney”, decisions you make have to always be for her benefit.
'Can I buy a buy-to-let with my mother's money to generate income to pay for her care?'

Trump Utilizing RNC money to pay legal fees in Russia probe

President Donald trump Information Systems announcly Utilizing money from the Republican National Committee (RNC) & his reelection campaign to pay some of the legal costs surrounding the Fed explore into Russian interference in the 2016 election.
The money isn’t coming from the RNC’s major coffer, which Information Systems used to backing candidates & political campaigns, a RNC spokeswoman told The Hill.
Created with America Congress 2 years ago, the legal proceedings account gives the Democratic & GOP committees the ability to increase money from donors to pay for legal fees & allows contributors to give up to $100,200.
But, prior to the Reuters article, the Republican source told The Hill which the RNC was likely to fall in line with whatever donald Donald trump asks.
RNC Chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel told in July which she wasn’t sure whether the practice would be legal.




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