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GBPCAD broke higher final week, however runs into 200 day MA

collected by :kiven Dixter

Tests 200 day MA this day & backs offThe GBPCAD has run higher by the post BOE rally & the slow grind reduce in the CAD of late.
Back on which date, the value tested the 200 day MA & turned around.
Today the value in the GBPCAD retested which 200 day MA at 1.66626 (the high reached 1.6671).
Drilling to the hourly chart, the value has only moved below a trend line & a ceiling ambit at 1.65768.
The hundred hour MA at 1.6404 (and moving higher – blue line in the map below) Information Systems another target.

Forex technical analysis: GBPUSD trades in post-Brexit swing high area

Yesterday the high expanded which high however just with 2 pips to 1.3618.
The failure to expand more led to a corrective move reduce back into ambit of the post-Brexit highs (between 1.34439 & 1.3532.
Having told that, the trading Information Systems up & drop this day & the low this day has stalled ahead of the low from yesterday (low yesterday was 1.34639.
Those lows are too above the 1.34439 swing high from 2016.
That ambit was defined with the post-Brexit swing highs from June, July & September 2016.
Forex technical analysis: GBPUSD trades in post-Brexit swing high area

Forex technical analysis: USDJPY stalls at topside trend line today

Lower on the day after the topside trend line held.
Looking at the hourly map of the USDJPY, the market has been next a topside trend line over the final few trading days.
If the line did’nt hold, traders would have “lost a little” (stops on a break of the trend line).
The value move reduce this day stalled at the standard before breaking below in the final hour or very of trading.
Like the topside trend line, it Information Systems a standard where traders could danger a tiny a make further than a tiny (with stops on a break).

Forex technical analysis: GBPUSD trades among backing & resistance to begain week

The GBPUSD Information Systems trading among a key backing standard & below & at key resistance standard above as the 7 days gets off to an up & drop begain for the pair.
the move took the value above the hundred 7 days MA at 1.3383 currently & a series of swing highs post the June 2016 Brexit vote among 1.3443 & 1.3532.
Key standard holds resistance.
If the upside Information Systems to continue, get & stay above the 200 bar MA & the 50% at 1.3575.
This was the key backing on the every week chart, & it was tested on three breaking up occasions & held each time.
Forex technical analysis: GBPUSD trades between support and resistance to start week

Forex technical analysis: USDCAD rallies, but….

The high after the premier fall peaked on the hourly map at 1.22441, before running reduce to 1.20612 on September 8th.
The final 2 days has seen the value move above & below the 200 hour MA (green line)Today, the pair based against the hundred hour MA (blue line) & away from the 200 hour MA.
On Friday which high was tested however can not move above (the high reached 1.2217).
Right up to the high corrective value ever the BOC hike at 1.2244 (high reached 1.2245) & stalled right there.
So it rallies higher, however stalls.



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