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declaring the 1st America Federally Regulated Exchange

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declaring the 1st America Federally Regulated Exchange The Afrikaner community of Orania, a rural town in South Africa’s Northern Cape province established in 1991, is set to launch its own digital currency, according to CNN.
The economist added that South Africa is perfect for digital currency adoption, stating:The economy is contracting and the state is highly inefficient.
Racial TensionsExperts agree that the e-ora would benefit from adoption in digital currency exchanges.
Entering the World of Digital CurrenciesNow, to further the town’s independence, Orania’s plan is to create a virtual version of its currency, the “e-ora”.
Nevertheless, given Orania’s mostly white Afrikaner population, some are worried about its security if it does go big.

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interchange Union to Boost Digital Currency Trading Efficiency 

Exchange Union, an online platform that improves the functionality, efficiency and service environment for digital currency traders, seeks to change this trajectory by reforming the whole digital currency market, serving as a bridge for digital currency exchanges globally.
“Our trading solution will provide essential infrastructure for the growing digital currency market,” said James Wo, founder of Exchange Union.
Huiyin currently has $80 million in funds and over 20 portfolio companies around the world, including digital currency exchanges, blockchain initiatives and infrastructures.
Exchange Union is also partnered with Jinsheng Capital, one of the largest private equity management institutions in China, managing over $4 billion in assets.
Its aim is to deliver a point of integration among the many digital currency exchanges around the world, enabling cross-exchange trading, clearing, deposits and withdrawals between various digital currencies and assets.
Exchange Union

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declaring the 1st America Federally Regulated Exchange

 First U.S. Federally

NEW YORK, July 24, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — LedgerX, the New York-based institutional trading and clearing platform for digital currencies, receives approval to operate the first U.S. federally-regulated exchange and clearing house for derivatives contracts settling in digital currencies.
LedgerX will be the first federally supervised options venue for bitcoinParticipants in the LedgerX venue will be able to obtain and hedge bitcoin and other digital currencies using exchange-traded and centrally-cleared options contracts.
Eligible participants in the LedgerX venue will include registered broker dealers, banks, futures commission merchants, qualified commodity pool entities and qualified high net worth investors.
Initially, LedgerX anticipates listing one to six-month options contracts for bitcoin (BTC).
“In particular, there is a desire for fund managers to hold financial instruments that are not correlated with the broader equity market, and digital currencies meet that need,” concludes Chou.


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