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Israel and Saudi Arabia arguing foundress economic link

The British newspaper The Times reported that Israel and Saudi Arabia are discussing the establishment of economic relations between them.

Two weeks ago, Saudi Arabia announced the severing of ties with Qatar because of its ties with Iran and the financing of other terrorist elements, leading the Arab boycott of the emirate.
Arab and American sources told the newspaper that the relationship between the two countries would start with small-scale cooperation, such as approval of El Al flights over the Sunni state and the entry of Israeli companies into the Persian Gulf.

Israel, Saudi Arabia are  parley economic releation

 negotiating economic ties

as mentioned in Saudi Arabia and Israel are negotiating the establishment of economic ties, The Times reported on Saturday.
Here too, it is forbidden to condition the development of ties with the moderate Arab states on the resolution of the Palestinian issue.”
The fact is that we signed peace agreements with Egypt and Jordan had nothing to do with the Palestinian issue.
“… Any attempt to link the Palestinian issue to Israel’s bilateral relations with the moderate Arab states is simply a mistaken approach.
Jared Kushner, Trump’s adviser and son-in-law, has grown close to Mohammed bin Salman, the Saudi deputy crown prince, and the two have reportedly discussed improved ties with Israel as a step toward Israeli-Palestinian peace.

as mentioned in

Israel, Saudi Arabia said to argue open economic ties

Israel, Saudi Arabia

Israel and Saudi Arabia are in talks to forge official economic ties, The Times of London reported Saturday, quoting US and Arab sources.
Officials close to Saudi Arabia denied the story, saying the report was no more than wishful thinking by the Trump administration.
Saudi officials have had some open meetings with senior Israelis, and a Saudi general has visited Jerusalem and met with officials and politicians.
Israel has been keen to see a regional peace process that would see Arab states partially thawing their relations with the Jewish state, as a step towards peace with the Palestinians.
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been promoting an “outside-in” approach that would see ties normalized between Israel and moderate Arab states as a way to promote peace.

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