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Azealia Banks turn completly for latest Hip-Hop Track “Chi Chi”


The Harlem rapper’s weeks of teasing out previews of her new song finally paid off with the debut of “Chi Chi” early Monday morning on the Cheapy XO website she usually reserves for her line of homemade soaps.
The sun is shining again, pollen is choking us all to an early death, and Azealia Banks is stepping away from her magic chicken closet to get back to what she does best—dropping bangers.
If you need us, we’ll have the track on repeat and be whisper-singing “Live from the zoo / this the new 212” until the video drops.
Armed with razor blade imagery, the track cuts with an effortless flow and sinister, bass-heavy beat ready to complement your murderous thoughts about Monday’s morning commute.
In typical Azealia fashion, the outspoken rapper, who’s become just as famous for her Twitter feuds as she has for bops, like “212” and “Yung Rapunxel,” holds nothing back in her lyrics.

Azealia Banks turn completly for latest Hip-Hop Track “Chi Chi”

As it stated in Head on over to her Cheapy XO site to listen to the track in full.
For the past few weeks, Azealia Banks has been teasing the release of a new song.
After several push-backs over the past week, the track finally arrived in the wee hours of Monday morning.
Clocking in at under three minutes, the song isn’t the grand comeback of, say, 2014’s “Chasing Time” or 2016’s “The Big Big Beat,” but nonetheless, the new track is definitely a welcomed return.
Over a bass-heavy beat that’s more aligned with vigorous head-bopping than ballroom voguing, Azealia delivers her signature flow—effortlessly switching from rapid-fire rhymes to slow and steady spitting.



Azealia Banks Returns with New Banger, ‘Chi Chi’

 'Chi Chi'


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