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Germany’s economy grew strongly in the first three months of this year

The 5G value chain will, in our estimation, invest hundreds of billions over the coming decade to continually expand and strengthen the 5G technology base.
5G technology offers the promise of spurring further technological gains enabled by the revolution in information technology.
The past two decades has seen mobile technology progress from a people-to-people technology (3G) to people-to-information connectivity (4G).
While this step revolutionized how people communicate and conduct commerce, the next generation of mobile technology — 5G — promises far greater technological and economic transformations with the potential to re-shape industrial and consumer activity.
The economic effect of new investment, research and development and technology innovation alone indicates 5G will have a profound and sustained impact on global growth.

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U.S. economic growth and security outweigh climate policy review, envoy tells U.N. conference

U.S. economic growth

“The administration has not developed a formal policy on climate change, both domestic and international climate change issues,” he said.
The conference was held to start designing rules for implementing the Paris accord to limit average global warming to 2 degrees Celsius above preindustrial levels.
Framework Convention on Climate Change talks in Bonn.
The Trump administration will stay focused on economic growth and national security no matter the outcome of its climate change policy review, a U.S. official told delegates at a United Nations convention in Germany on Saturday.
— Trigg Talley, deputy special envoy for climate change at the U.S. State Department.

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German economic growth speeds up

economic growth

Household and state spending were strong, while firms invested money in construction and equipment, said German statistics authority Destatis.
First-quarter GDP growth was 0.6%, faster than the October-to December 2016 figure of 0.4%.
Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Higher consumer spending has helped to boost growth in the economy. Germany’s economy grew strongly in the first three months of this year, driven by investment and consumption, official figures show.
Foreign trade also helped, as exports increased faster than imports.
It said that cutting that surplus would help the whole of the eurozone.


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