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Violence ahead of rally by far-right French presidential candidate

Apart from this, there is nothing to suggest that Marine Le Pen understands well the implications of her offer of triple alliance.
The issue of Marine Le Pen as a special patriot and defender of the father land is quite interesting too.
She is the daughter of Jean-Marie Le Pen, the leader of Front National (National Front) which is anti-Jews, anti-immigration, anti-European supranational authority, etc.
Marine Le Pen as French President The major features of contemporary international relations are basically the rise in nationalism, protectionism, and quest for self-determination.
This is the context in which Marine Le Pen is currently contesting for the French presidency.

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Violence ahead of rally by far-right French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen

Violent clashes have broken out inside and outside a venue that was supposed to hold a rally by French far-right presidential candidate Marine Le Pen.
Ms Le Pen is among the leading contenders in France’s two-round presidential vote.
Corsican nationalists arrived at the rally in the city of Ajaccio and clashed with her far-right supporters before being evacuated by security, French television BFM TV said.
The disturbance delayed the start of Ms Le Pen’s programme by an hour after it was moved to another venue.
David Rachline, her campaign manager, later tweeted that a separate group had clashed with police outside the venue.
French presidential

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French presidential

French Presidential Debate: Le Pen and Macron clash over immigration and burkini policyAnother right-wing candidate, Francois Fillon, has been dogged by a corruption scandal and is four points behind Ms Le Pen and Mr Macron.
The incident on Saturday is the latest drama in France’s tense presidential elections, in which Ms Le Pen is a frontrunner.
A Front National rally in Corsica descended into chaos after protesters stormed a building where Marine Le Pen was due to speak.
“You are Corsican but you are French, so be both at the same time,” Ms Le Pen told the rally.
GI later released a statement justifying their actions and referenced a similar demonstration against Mr Le Pen in 1992.

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