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Hyundai Motor seeking to growing segment with long-range models

South Korea’s Motor Co is developing its first dedicated architecture for electric vehicles, an executive told Reuters, seeking to catch up with the likes of in the growing segment with multiple, long-range models.
In China, Motor was considering sourcing batteries from Contemporary Amperex Technology (CATL) or a couple of other Chinese firms, because of subsidy restrictions on South Korean batteries, he said.
Kia Motors was also working on its first fuel cell vehicle, following Motor’s lead in the segment, Lee said.
Motor said in a statement on Thursday that it plans to launch a new luxury electric vehicle under its Genesis marque in 2021, after introducing a plug-in hybrid version of an unidentified Genesis model in 2019.
Limited charging infrastructure and problems with battery technology, such as lengthy charge times on long-range vehicles, were also holding back demand, he said.

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Hyundai Motor

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