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Trump’s daughter accepts Merkel’s invitation to attend women’s economic summit

Donald Trump’s eldest daughter has accepted an invitation from German Chancellor Angela Merkel to attend a women’s economic summit.
It was an awkward trip for Ms Merkel, as Mr Trump did not shake her hand in front of the cameras in the Oval Office.
“Looking forward to working together in Berlin next month to promote the role of women in the economy and the future of our workforce globally #W20‬,” Ms Trump wrote on social media.
Ms Trump, a mother of three who took a step back from her executive position at the Trump Organisation to move to Washington DC, spent time with Ms Merkel while the German leader visited the President.
Her lawyer said she would “voluntarily” comply with the government’s ethics rules, raising questions as to whether she would circumvent transparency.

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Ivanka Trump, Donald Trump’s oldest daughter, has accepted an invitation from Angela Merkel to attend a women’s economic summit in Germany.
After meeting Ms Trump earlier this year, the German Chancellor invited her to the summit.
Ms Trump is due to to fly to Berlin to join women from other G20 countries and four additional US delegates.
women’s economic summit

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Ivanka Trump plans to attend economic empowerment summit in Berlin

Merkel and Ivanka Trump spent time together when Merkel visited the White House to meet with President Donald Trump.
WASHINGTON — Ivanka Trump is planning a trip to Germany to attend a summit on the economic empowerment of women, a senior administration official says.
Ivanka Trump also has pledged to voluntarily comply with all ethics rules that apply to employees.
The meeting marked the second time foreign leaders reached out to Ivanka Trump to coordinate an economic conversation.
Ivanka Trump has been discussing job training opportunities with CEOS for some time, starting with meetings she held before her father took office.
women’s economic summit

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