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The Japan Times declare : In statement to WTO, U.S. urges Japan to further open up auto, farm markets

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Although Japan is the fourth-largest single-country market for U.S. agricultural products, substantial market access barriers still remain,” the statement read.
The Japanese market has no nontariff barriers, either, Suga claimed.
Meanwhile, the Trump administration may try to focus more on opening up the Japanese market.
“At any rate, such issues will be addressed through Japan-U.S. economic dialogue” to be held between Aso and Pence, Suga told a news conference Friday morning.
“The United States urges Japan to remove non-tariff barriers that impede U.S. manufacturers’ ability to compete on a level playing field with their Japanese competitors, both in the area of automobiles and beyond.

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The United States has numerous military bases and about 54,000 military personnel stationed in Japan, the legacy of its postwar security alliance with the country.
But they can be produced much more cheaply than the Rodong, Lewis said, meaning that North Korea could fire them with more abandon.
[Did North Korea just test missiles capable of hitting the U. S.?
Furthermore, Osan Air Base is less than 300 miles from the missile launch site in North Korea — another apparent message to Pyongyang’s enemies.
The launches coincided with joint U.S.-South Korean military exercises on the southern half of the Korean Peninsula, drills that take place every year and that North Korea views as preparation for an invasion.

North Korea says it was practicing to hit U.S. military bases in Japan with missiles*/

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Japan bats away U.S. complaint on autos

If pressed on agriculture, Japan could fall back on some parts of the TPP agreement, some economists say.
“If the United States uses taxes to curb auto imports, that would severely damage Japan’s auto industry.
Autos, which have been a source of trade friction before, could be more difficult.
Trump also rattled Japanese policymakers by criticizing the small number of U.S. auto exports to Japan shortly after taking office in January.
“The U.S. would like to increase agriculture exports, but Japan has already made some concessions for the Trans-Pacific Partnership,” said Daiju Aoki, economist at UBS Securities.

Japan bats away U.S. complaint on autos*/

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