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china-briefing said : Making Sense of China’s 2017 Economic Growth Target

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Economic growth targetIn the Work Report, Li pinned China’s 2017 GDP growth target at “around 6.5 percent, or higher if possible in practice”.
By Alexander Chipman KotyDuring the annual Two Sessions meetings last weekend, China’s political leaders announced their economic growth targets for 2017.
This remark may signal cautious optimism that China’s growth could rebound, or at least a subtle warning to officials not to be content with moderate growth.
An Introduction to Doing Business in China 2017Doing Business in China 2017 is designed to introduce the fundamentals of investing in China.
To help stimulate GDP growth, China has accumulated massive debt levels – particularly over the past two years.

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On The Pursuit Of Economic Growth

On The Pursuit Of Economic Growth*/

On the Pursuit of Economic GrowthI think one of the conceits of the modern era is the degree of trust we place in governments.
It is my opinion that those are the greater drivers of economic growth, and that the government can do little to foster growth, aside from having simple long-term policies, and letting us get on with being productive.
They don’t exist, at least not many of them exist that are sizable.
As such, I don’t see a lot going on right now that should promote higher growth.
To what degree do we force uneconomic growth objectives through tax incentives, such as owning a home, rather than renting?

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Tax Revenue Is Leveraged To Economic Growth*/

If we have substantial economic growth going on then we would expect to see tax revenues rising more strongly than whatever level of economic growth we think is going on.
But it does show that, given strongly rising revenue numbers, we’ve got strong economic growth going on out there.
And the thing for us to know is that tax revenues are highly leveraged with respect to economic growth.
GDP growth will be at a lower percentage rate than revenue growth because of the leverage.
Our knee to shin bone connection means we have proven not no economic growth even if the accurate amount is still in question.

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