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A higher trade deficit subtracts from economic growth

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A higher trade deficit subtracts from economic growth because it means more production is being supplied from abroad.
Trade cut 1.7 percentage points from growth in the fourth quarter after adding 0.9 percentage point to growth in the third quarter.
Consumer spending, which accounts for 70 percent of economic growth, slowed to still-solid growth of 2.5 percent in the fourth quarter from a 3 percent gain in the third quarter.
Exports, which had been temporarily bolstered by a surge in sales of soybeans to Latin America, retreated in the fourth quarter.
For the fourth quarter, the biggest factor contributing to the slowdown was a widening in the trade deficit.
US economic growth slowed in Q4, but there's hope ahead*/

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A time of test for the China model of economic growth

The China model became a popular term in the so-called ‘discourse of greatness’, which included terms like ‘the China miracle’ and ‘the rise of China’.
If China can complete this transition on both fronts, the China model will stand.
Author: Suisheng Zhao, University of DenverThe ‘China model’ of economic growth has been essentially a story of a hyper-charged economy led by an authoritarian state.
But a sustained economic downturn or a lost decade or two could mark the end of the China model.
The real test for the China model is whether Chinese leaders are able to achieve transformation on both the economic and political fronts.
A time of test for the China model of economic growth*/

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