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Donald Trump’s Cabinet could look bare on Inauguration Day

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‘I ain’t got no love’: Why Donald Trump’s musical choices matter

'I ain't got no love': Why Donald Trump's musical choices matter*/

– The words felt like private thoughts found in an old diary and newly exposed to fresh air.“If you try acting sad, you’ll only make me glad.”“I ain’t got no love, I ain’t the kind to meet.”“Regrets, I’ve had a few — but then again too few to mention.”Yet this wasn’t the sour fruit of opposition research.The words are lyrics from two songs prominently featured in Donald Trump’s inaugural festivities: the Rolling Stones’ “Heart of Stone,” which played as Trump and his wife Melania entered a celebratory concert at the Lincoln Memorial, and “My Way,” the standard popularized by Frank Sinatra that accompanied the first couple’s first dance at an inaugural ball.

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Donald Trump’s Cabinet could look bare on Inauguration Day

Donald Trump's Cabinet could look bare on Inauguration Day*/

– The Senate teed up retired Marine Corps Gen. James Mattis Wednesday for quick confirmation to be the next defense secretary, but President-elect Donald Trump is likely to start his term with far fewer confirmed Cabinet secretaries than any of the last three presidents.Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer, who has vowed to slow down the confirmation process, said Republicans were trying to push the nominees through too quickly, denying Democrats adequate time to question them and failing to provide necessary paperwork.The New York Democrat also said Mr. Trump’s picks deserve extra scrutiny — if not flat out opposition.

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After broken promise, WikiLeaks seeks Donald Trump’s tax returns

After broken promise, WikiLeaks seeks Donald Trump's tax returns*/

– WikiLeaks spent the final weeks of the 2016 presidential election leaking information harmful to Hillary Clinton’s campaign — but now they’re not happy with the man who beat her, President Donald Trump.After Trump senior adviser Kellyanne Conway said Sunday morning that Mr. Trump had no plans to release his tax returns, a shift from his stance during the campaign, WikiLeaks tweeted its disappointment:Trump Counselor Kellyanne Conway stated today that Trump will not release his tax returns.Send them to: https://t.co/cLRcuIiQXz so we can.

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