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Google reaffirms commitment to digitally empower Small and Medium Businesses in India

Google reaffirms commitment to digitally empower Small and Medium Businesses in India*/

– New Delhi , Jan 4 : CEO-Google Sundar Pichai on Wednesday reaffirmed its commitment to digitally empower India’s 51 million strong small and medium business community by announcing the launch of ‘Digital Unlocked’, a training program to empower thousands of Indian SMBs with essential digital skills.The program related for the SMBs in India will enable them to get online and start using the power of the internet to grow their business.It also previewed the ‘My Business Websites’, an easy-to-use offering to helpbusinesses to have a rich, mobile optimized digital presence that will be launched later this year.Making the announcements at an event in New Delhi, Pichai highlighted the representatives from hundreds of small and medium business from across the country on the benefits of the web and digital technology.”The Internet is a powerful equalizer and we are motivated to bring the benefits of information and technology to as many people as possible.

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Medium Now Small

Medium Now Small*/

– Photo: medium.comThis afternoon, Ev Williams, the founder of publishing platform Medium, announced that, after reevaluating its current strategy, the company is laying off 50 people and changing its business model.The losses in personnel amount to a third of the company’s staff.His announcement, written on Medium (naturally: it’s the number-one source for founders announcing start-up layoffs, pivots, and shutterings), is candid, and as a document of a particular moment in the evolution of the media industry, fascinating.

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Google CEO Sundar Pichai Speaks About India’s Small And Medium Businesses

Google CEO Sundar Pichai Speaks About India's Small And Medium Businesses*/

Google CEO Sundar Picchai spoke about plans for small and medium businesses in Delhi.I am here to talk about small businesses rather than Google.We’ve learned that when we solve for a place like India, we solve for everyone around the world.

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